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Nov 21, 2014

If you follow me on Twitter, you may have noticed that all my Instagram photos have been popping up in your feed. No, Instagram & Twitter haven't decided to become BFF's, but they have a mutual friend called IFTTT :)

If This Then That is a personal 'recipe' creator that you can use to trigger any action you like. In this case, any time a photo is posted to my Instagram account (@brittdouglas_), IFTTT takes it & posts it to my Twitter account (@bhdouglas) with the photo & a link to the original Instagram photo #genius

I've linked my personal recipe below (there should be a little 'add' widget & a link underneath too) so you can share your Instagram photos to Twitter too.

IFTTT Recipe: Tweet Instagram photos WITH link to original Instagram post connects instagram to twitter

Be sure to follow me on Instagram if you liked the photos in this post, and if you already use IFTTT, I would love to know your favourite recipes!


Artist Feature: Alyssa of Banded Arrow

Nov 18, 2014

Taking a break from the world of art prints, today's featured artist has a shop full of beautiful cards! I think sending & receiving physical notes is such a wonderful change of pace to the very digital nature of my usual correspondence.

Alyssa's shop is full of beautiful cards (her new holiday collection is below!) and her unfussy design approach is inspiring. Read on to find out more about her shop & get a little discount too!

What inspired you to open your shop?
I have always loved crafting and cardmaking, and I majored in Art at Hillsdale College, so it's always been in the back of my mind. I was really into Stampin' Up for awhile, but I always felt so limited by the specific range of colors and stamps. One day, I decided to branch out and design my own cards, and that's where it all started. I'm pretty picky about what I like, so I try to make cards for those with similar design tastes. Beautiful colors, strong lines, good balance, nothing too fussy. My goal is simply to create beautifully designed, boldly colored stationery.

Monogram Stationery
What is the process of creation like?
It usually starts with a pattern or a shape. I love patterns, and I have sketchbooks full of pattern doodles, so when inspiration strikes, I'll sit down and draw something out. It doesn't mean I'll use that pattern right away, but whenever I need a new card, I'll often go back to old patterns and work it in to my current project. Once I have a good drawing, I scan it into Illustrator and finish the card layout in Photoshop. After that, I try not to revise too much. I really like the "not quite perfect" look, I guess. Once the card reaches this point, then design process is basically over, and the printing process of making and printing through the screens starts.

'Waves' Happy Birthday
Where do you find your inspiration? What do you do/where do you go when you're in a creative 'rut'?
As with all work, there are moments when nothing is working and I just feel incredibly frustrated. Whenever this happens, I head over to my local state park for a hike. It's amazing what even a short walk can do to clear my head. I'll spend my walking time not thinking about work, I just try to focus on the colors and shapes and feelings that I have while I'm in the park. By the time I get back to my house, I'm much more relaxed and focused, and more often than not, I have new ideas for the projects I'm working on.

You're my Boo!
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your cards?
One of my biggest sources of inspiration is actually my husband. He has really great ideas, and he's usually got something when I tell him I'm stuck. My only Halloween card is a perfect example. I really wanted to make a Halloween card, and I nothing that I had been doing was working. So I asked Sam and he said "You should do something with ghosts." And from there, the whole card was born. I know it sounds silly, but usually that's all I need to get an idea moving.

Peace on Earth
What is your favourite item in your store?
My green and gold Peace On Earth card is my favorite one right now. For one thing, I love the colors, and I think this card has a really nice balance of all three. But my favorite thing is that it's just so calm and simple. I really worked hard on this one not to overdo anything, but to simply let the shapes and words speak for themselves, and it think I was pretty successful with that. And, I just love Christmas :)

'Ombre' Thank You

Thankyou so much Alyssa! She has kindly offered 20% off her entire shop for the rest of the month with the code 'GALLERY20'.

You can follow along with Alyssa on Facebook, Pinterest & Instagram to see behind-the-scenes and get sneak peeks when new collections are released!


Artist Feature: Crystal of The Cerulean Room

Nov 12, 2014

When Crystal reached out a little while ago to spread the word about her prints in support of lung cancer, I knew her shop would be perfect for an artist feature! She has a gorgeous way with watercolour, and her 'beautiful lungs' are just that - I love that she created them to support a wonderful cause too!

Elephant Smile
What inspired you to open your shop? 
I started my first Etsy art shop when I became a university student to see if I could use my art to help pay for the little things like art supplies, There was a big learning curve, and despite the low return at the time, I really loved selling my art online. Now, no longer a student, I've grown a ton and found I still love connecting to people online through my art. When someone buys a piece of my art, I know they have found something that they love enough to find a place for in their lives. If they tell me it's a gift for someone else, that's even more amazing, because they saw a little bit of someone else in my artwork. Selling online is fantastic because I never know where my prints will ship to. I love that distance and language isn't a problem anymore, and for my shop, art is the universal language it's translated into anyway.

What is your process of creation like?
A lot of chaos, a lot of mess, and a lot of work. Also much much joy. I have to be working on many projects at once in order to be creative, otherwise I hit roadblocks. This means I'm jumping around from piece to piece, and often the ideas and themes end up rubbing off on each other. As well, my artwork includes a huge variety of mediums and techniques; pencil, oils, glazes, charcoal, encaustic, watercolor, digital...mixing these together to create unexpected results is where my true place of creation lives. If a piece isn't working, or lacks inspiration, I can turn to a new material and start slapping ink on it, or experiment with crayon, and sometimes that becomes the breakthrough. It also stops me from creating too many “rules” for my art, which leads to certain death for that work. When I can build something in a new way that conveys emotion, mood, or a story, then I know it can connect with people.

Ink Sketch Pillow
What inspired you to create a collection that gives back to the BC Cancer Foundation? 
There are a number of people that I know who are fighting or who have fought cancer and seeing how strong they are, I want to help battle it as well. Some of these people I have known my whole life, some are co-workers, and some are facebook buddies. The BC Cancer Foundation, in BC Canada, is where these friends are getting help from. Creating friendly and unique “no smoking” signs is my way of giving people a choice towards keeping themselves and those they love healthy. In BC a law was passed that prohibits smoking in any indoor public area, but not everywhere in the world has laws like that to help protect people. Lung cancer is the more prevalent cause of cancer related deaths in the US, and if you work or live around smoking areas you have a 30% higher chance of developing it.

Beautiful Lungs
The 'lungs' you've created are beautiful, what did the design process look like? 
The “Beautiful Lungs” artwork grew from both a design and a human standpoint. I wanted to show part of the human body in a different way; a playful, bright and graphic way. Some of the design ideas came from toys I remember having as a kid, like that Fisher Price ball popping push toy, or those bright colored wooden puzzles. I thought that showing your lungs as something beautiful would make people see them as something to take care of better. The artwork is a compilation of acrylic, graphite and ink mediums digitally mixed to create the final piece.

Humpback Whale
Is there a cool back-story behind one of your prints? 
The whale prints in my shop were a surprise. I am a huge lover of sketchbooks, and have about twenty at a time. Because I work in wet mediums as well as pencil, they sometimes take a while to dry and I need other options while that's happening. My desk will often be covered in open sketchbooks with pages in various states of completion. The whales started as quick studies, which became collage experiments, which ended up including charcoal and glaze and rice paper from some packaging I'd hung onto. Eventually I realized they were actually turning into something meaningful, so I scanned them into my computer. At that point I also had a huge folder of digital photos I'd taken of street textures like rust and concrete. Mixing the two was a bit of an accident in wabi-sabi and good timing, but the textures really finished the whales somehow. I like the idea that these underwater creatures are now mixed with decidedly above ground textures like rusty drain covers and peeling paint. You never know where an idea will come from, so you can't really say no when your trying things out.


Thankyou so much Crystal!

You can check out more of her work in her shop - she has so many more prints than I was able to fit in today! - and her range of t-shirts & prints benefitting the BC Cancer Foundation can be found here. Stay in touch on Twitter, or see what else she's working on on her blog.


Skincare Favourites

Nov 6, 2014

A couple years ago, my skin was in rough shape. It was dry & flakey, but somehow still oily and nothing I was using was doing anything to help. I had serious acne hyper-pigmentation that was not pretty, and I knew I needed to do something to help my skin.

I had always had good luck with Clinique in the past (and Benefit's Dear John Moisturizer, RIP) so I decided to finally try their Even Better Serum & Moisture Surge Cream. I loved both, and even blogged about them a couple years ago. I've tried several creams from Clinique since, but the Moisture Surge is still a favourite (in both the regular & intense) for evening.

A couple months ago, I tried out the Fresh Rose Hydrating Gel Cream, off a recommendation from a Sephora associate. I have never liked anything with 'gel' in the name before, as I've never found them moisturizing enough, and I was worried the scent might bother my skin. I'm pretty sure I convinced myself I was going to return it before even trying it at home haha

But, I loved it! The scent is one of my favourite aspects, and it's so hydrating and calming and makes my skin so happy :)

Back in September, I went to a Rouge event at the Sephora on Bloor St (thanks for the invite Brenna!) for Caudalie. We learned all about the brand & their philosophy and I was really impressed. One product kept catching my attention, the Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, so I decided to try it.

I'm always a bit skeptical of products that promise a lot, but I definitely notice a big difference in my skin since I started using it. Caudalie products all have this earthy, natural scent that I love, and I've loved trying all out the favourite products from this kit. The lip balm sits on my desk, and the Beauty Elixir smells divine.

I'm happy to report that my skin is very happy now :) I truly believe in taking care of my skin and I try to use products that help it to be the best it can be. It still has the occasional flare up, but that's usually from not washing my face or something, and this combo helps calm it right down.

I would love to know what you use! Any tried & true favourites on your vanity?


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