Nailed It: Gold Stripe

Dec 17, 2014

Holiday nails - round two!! You may have already seen a sneak peek on Instagram :)

After doing green & patterned last week, I knew I wanted something a little more 'sleek' this time round. And with the arrival of my December Julep Box, my colours were easily chosen :)

I love the way Ilga & Sienna look together, and the addition of the gold stripe sticker was perfect! So glad I picked those up from Julep. (They don't seem to have them online at the moment, but I'll post them the minute they do.)

My phone was lying nearby when I was taking these shots, and since it's gold I thought it might make a cute addition to the photos ;)

Are you in the Christmas mood yet? I have to admit, having the Christmas tree beside my desk is certainly helping me feel quite festive! Although my nails aren't hurting either :)

You can find more of my nail & beauty looks here.



Dec 16, 2014

Just a few things that have captured my love & attention lately...

Psalm 23
I know it's an incredibly popular passage, but when you slow down & really dig into the words? It's so beautiful. Thankyou to Grace for opening my eyes to it's meaning again. 

Perfume & Pearls
Me & Balenciaga go way back - back to the days of living in downtown Toronto & falling in love with this chic scent. And double pearls? So fun!

I mean, art always makes me happy :) But handprinted, imperfect, limited edition loveliness from Kelsey of Pinegate Road? Over the moon!

I promise I didn't plan to match my nails to my new Chapters mug on purpose, it was just a happy accident :) Both colours are from Julep's December box, and the gold monogram mugs are currently 50% off!


December Julep Box - Video!

Dec 15, 2014

I have been crushing hard on the last few Julep items I've picked up. The polishes I got in my November box were gorgeous (see them here & here) and this month is no exception. The entire Countdown Collection was stunning, but the polishes & eyeshadow I picked are even more beautiful in person.

Watch the video below to hear my thoughts on everything I picked up, or click here to watch on Youtube.

 I thought this collection was perfectly suited for the holidays! Did you pick it up? Or will you consider Julep now that they've brought the skip back (YAY!)? You can get your first box free with the code 'FREEBOX' :)


Good Morning

Dec 12, 2014

Quiet mornings are my favourite time. When the sky is just waking up, the kettle is (not-so-quietly) boiling, everything is peaceful & there's nothing to disturb my quiet - well, except for Winnie, but she's pretty dang cute & easy to forgive ;) - and I can take my time getting started for the day.

There are several items that I love in the morning; things that make me happy or make life easier. Good tea & a good infuser are top of that list - after doing my daily devotional, it's right downstairs to feed the cat & turn the kettle on :)

A monogrammed mug & inspiring art doesn't hurt either :)

And a candle to make my nose happy. Because who wants to smell anything stinky when they're still waking up?

GLAD® Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness are perfect for just that reason too. When I throw out my tea leaves, or my usual banana peel, I do not want to catch any whiffs coming from the kitchen garbage - which is usually the stinkiest in our house. One less thing to have to worry about in the morning :) (since my to-do list is often mighty long already...)

What makes your life easier in the morning? Any must-haves in your house?


This post is in partnership with GLAD®. 
Let their Odour Guard® Bags with febreze™ Freshness make your mornings a little more glad :) 
Thankyou for supporting the sponsors of Gallery No. Eight! 
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