Buying & Curating Art

A few weeks ago, I posted the 'story' of

my gallery wall

. This wall has grown quite a bit since it started, and my philosophy is to always buy art that I love. If something doesn't 'speak' to me, it doesn't make the cut - otherwise I'd have enough art to fill this wall 10 times over ;)

I also love supporting creatives & small businesses, so that's where pretty much all of my art has come from. These shops are full of SO much talent - too much talent to keep hidden - so I'm sharing where all my art has come from over the years. Some pieces are no longer available, but maybe you'll find something you love even more!

hover over the photo to see the corresponding numbers

1. '

31 Rue Chanel

' - Leigh Viner

2. my own photo

Keys -


3. '

Be Brave

' - Charm & Gumption

4. 'Dans Mon Reve de Paris' -

Eye Poetry Photography

5. my own photo

6. '

The Royal Mile

' - artquirk

7. '

Twilight Blue

' - Leigh Viner

8. 'Weeping Cherry' -

Sunny Lee Studio


Balzac's Coffee

10. my own painting

11. my own painting

12. '

Silence & Noise

' - Leigh Viner

13. '

Paolo Roversi Series 1

' - Leigh Viner

14. '


' - Leigh Viner

15. 'I left my heart in Paris' -

Eye Poetry Photography

Metal 'B'

- Anthropologie

16. photo from an old calendar

17. my own photo

Mirror - vintage

18. my own painting

19. letter from a friend

20. 'Three Keys' -

Renee Ann

21. 'It's All Messy' -

Top Knot Weddings

22. '

God is Good

' - SS Print Shop

23. my own photo

24. '

Paris Street Shop 1

' - Minted

Most of these stores have really reasonable prices, but if you just don't have much to invest in art yet, I would suggest looking for a bulk discount (like BOGO) or waiting for a sale. Most shops will also offer some sort of first time purchase discount or a code when you sign up for their newsletter.

If you've never purchased on Etsy before, use

this link

to get $5 off your first purchase. I love & recommend all the shops listed above, but if you're in need of more inspiration: 

Pinegate Road




The Paris Print Shop


Emily McDowell

, & all the

shops I've interviewed

are great places to start your art search.

Minted is currently running a spring promo for 15% off sitewide (including all their artwork!) until the 16th. If you need some ideas: there's a few other 

Paris street scenes

that are so sweet; I have

this guy

hanging on my other wall (see him


); waiting to find a frame for

this one


this one

too. And I always love a good floral! This

watercolour one

, this

painted one

, and this one of

lily of the valley

are all on my favourites list.

What are your favourite places to buy art? I'm always on the lookout for gorgeous new pieces to add :)