My Takeaways from BlogPodium 2015

How has it already been a month since BlogPodium?! The past few weeks have flown by, but I had to write down a few of the thoughts that I've been mulling over in my head since getting home. BlogPodium is always a highlight of my year and if you've ever thought about going, I would absolutely recommend it. I know that might sound a little biased since I do play a part in the BlogPodium team now, but I would still be going to each & every event even if I wasn't on the team - it's that good, promise :)

There's been 5 main themes that I keep coming back to, and I'm sharing those along with a few photos from my time in Vancouver below. 

1. Get out there. You'll never know unless you try. The first BlogPodium event I attended was mildly terrifying - what will it be like? Will I know anyone? Will it be super awkward? Is this even for me? - but it was truly the best ticket I've ever purchased. The connections, opportunities, knowledge and friends I have gained have been huge. I would absolutely not be doing what I do now without it.

vancouver2015 10.png

2. Share the good stuff. People can smell a fake from a mile away, so while it's completely overused these days, 'authenticity' is important. It will look different to everyone, but this I know is true: "A candle loses nothing by lighting another candle." I once heard someone say  that we should think of creativity & inspiration as a river - a continual source of flowing ideas - not a stagnant puddle that gets smaller every time you use up an idea. 

vancouver2015 14.png
vancouver2015 8.png

3. Simplify. Focus more energy on fewer things. Your sanity & to do list will thank you ;) And those things you focus on will get better & better with your undivided attention.

photo by Vancouver Photobooth

photo by Vancouver Photobooth

Tia, Nancy, Julie, Jen, Britt, Barbara, me & Lisa - one of the best teams to work with! 

4. Find your tribe. The people you connect with online can make all the difference. (see point above!) Community is everything, and people will make all the difference to your blogging & social media experience. 

5. Don't sweat the small stuff. Numbers will go up & down. Always, for any platform. Take a step back every so often and look at the big picture. Are you closer to your goal now than you were before? Then you're doing something right. And if not, regroup & try again. Everything will be alright :)

Any takeaways I missed? What were your favourite moments from BlogPodium this year? Other than the stunning backdrop of Vancouver of course ;)