On My Bookshelf: At Home: Sarah Style

Sarah Richardson has been one of my favourite interior designers for almost as long as I can remember. One of my first ever posts on this blog was about her, and watching Sarah's House was what inspired me to want to become an interior designer (I wasn't loving my university program at the time ;). While I chose to pursue graphic design & not interior design, I still love designing interiors and Sarah's style will always inspire me.

Her newest book, At Home: Sarah Style, is no exception. Sharing photos from her own homes (as well as past homes & family member's homes), Sarah shares her thoughts on the decisions she made and how to achieve a similar look for yourself. I can almost hear her saying the blurbs out loud - this book is totally Sarah - and the behind-the-scenes real life photos bring the spaces to life.

sarahstyleathome 7.png

The home above, which was featured in season three of Sarah's House, will always & forever be one of my favourites.

After the tour of homes, we're invited to dine with delicious recipes from Sarah's own kitchen. Divided into seasons (so smart! I love the idea of eating seasonally), Sarah shares her favourite dishes along with her twists on many family staples. I've already bookmarked numerous recipes that I can't wait to try this season - some I'm sure will turn into favourites around here too :)

I loved pouring through all the photos and reading all of Sarah's thoughts & tips for each space. If you're a fan of Sarah's, love peaking into designer's homes (always so fun to see what they do in their own space, right?), want to find some new family favourite recipes, or a combination of all three, you will love this new book.

And it's out at the perfect time of year for gifting! Wouldn't it be an awesome combo to give (or receive ;) a copy of the book and something from Sarah's new line of bedding, pillows & linens?  I love all the pieces (this reversible pillow is probably my favourite), and the price point is ridiculously good for designer fabrics.

If you want to purchase (or send a not-so-subtle hint to someone else :) you can find the book at Chapters, Amazon (CA/US) or a local bookstore near you.

A copy of At Home: Sarah Style was kindly sent to me for review purposes by the publisher. All thoughts on the book & content in this post are my own, as always.