On Starting Fresh

There is nothing quite like spring to motivate a fresh start. New blooms are appearing, temps are rising, and I, for one, am coming out of my winter hibernation. You too? This past winter wasn't my best (thus the hiatus on Instagram) but the spring air has been so refreshing.

I have been wanting to post here again for quite a while, but how do you just pop back in after almost a year of nothing? I've got 5-6 drafts sitting half-finished, but none have made it to 'published' for one reason or another. 

scottish bumble bee

This blog started as a hobby. A creative outlet for me when I was not liking my university course and debating a program switch. I blogged every single day for one whole year. I think partially to prove to myself that I could? But mostly because I really enjoyed it. 

It was back in the mid-days of blogs, before Pinterest and mass affiliate links and very few sites were making money. The community was truly wonderful and full of people who were mostly doing the same - blogging about things they liked and wanted to share. 

While I know the blogging world will never be exactly like that again, I want to go back to why I started my blog in the first place - to share what I love, discover new things and enjoy being creative.

scottish flowers 3.png

I don't want this space to feel forced or futile, so while I hope to post a few times a week, I can't promise the creative juices will flow like they used to ;) I am hoping to clean up the site and make a few tweaks, so if you notice any glitches, please let me know.

scottish pink flower

I can't really remember the reasons why I stopped blogging - lack of time? no post ideas? creative rut? - but I am excited about getting back to it. And I hope wherever you are today, you know that it's never too late to start fresh or even start something brand new :)

All the photos in this post are from my trip to Scotland last year. I really should share more from the trip - it was beyond wonderful and I could not recommend Scotland more. I would go back in a heartbeat!