I. Love. Etsy.

I discovered Etsy with Leigh Viner's art, and then I just started stumbling around and realized what an amazing site it was! I stumbled around for a year or so, and then last summer I opened up a shop and that's when I really discovered the Etsy community. My shop kinda failed haha (a story for another day...) but I created treasuries and read the blog and discovered even more amazing stuff!

Two of my treasuries even made the front page! :D I was legit excited hahaha

And So To Bed...

New in Town?

 Etsy is an amazing place to find fabulous art, decor, handbags, clothing, furniture, pretty much anything you can think of! Just go stumble around for a few minutes and I'm sure you'll love it just as much as me :)


{photos from Craft Cult vault}