Feature Friday: Wink of Pink

I always knew when I started this blog that I wanted to feature other bloggers and inspirational people.

So, starting today, every Friday will feature a blogger or a designer or just some overall awesome person that inspires me :)

For the inaugural post, I chose Christine from Bijou & Boheme. I always look forward to her posts; she always has the most beautiful photos and she just seems like such a kind, genuine person.

I'm sure most of you have seen these images before, but I just thought I'd share them again :)

Her living room:

And her hallway:

Gorgeous right?

Hope you're all having lovely days so far! I have class from 9-12 today, so most of you will probably read this then haha ( I'm writing this on Thursday night. I do love scheduled posts :) )

Any exciting plans for the weekend??


{all images from Bijou & Boheme here and here}