Into You Like A Train

 Whenever I come home for a weekend, I usually take the train. And in the bad winter weather, it seems more and more people travel by train to avoid the often not-so-great driving conditions. So I thought I would compile a list of fabulous travel items, whether you travel by plane, train, or automobile :)

The Weekender Tote
Vintage Britta Shades
Chicago CTA Train
E-reader Cover Case
Vintage American Tourister
Personal Luggage Tag
Vintage Gray Felted Hat
Mini Eggshell Leather Bag

Wishing you all safe travels this winter :)

And for those of you that were asking about The King's Speech, I went yesterday to see it with my mom and I really liked it!! Colin, Helena & Geoffry all gave amazing performances, and the movie as a whole was so well put together from the costumes to the sets to the editing and sound. If you have a chance while it's still in theatres, I definitely recommend seeing it!

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!!


{Post title is from an episode of Grey's Anatomy. I've been catching up on all the season and finished the other day, and this is one of my favourite title's that they've done. Although pretty much all of their episode titles are excellent!}