The Novogratz

Sorry for the later post, today was more hectic than I had anticipated haha

Anyways, today's favourite thing is the Robert and Cortney Novogratz! I first saw them on their show 9 by Design when it premiered in Canada last September, and fell in love with their style! They have 7 children with some of the most unique names I have ever heard!

via NY Times
I soon discovered that they had a book out, which quickly made it's way onto my Christmas list haha

via Amazon
Downtown Chic is a fabulous read! Cortney Novogratz takes you through all of the houses they have renovated and designed. My favourite house is one of their latest, 5 Center Market, the front of which can be seen below:

from Downtown Chic via Into the Studio
Stunning right?? You can find out more about the Novogratz (and see more photos!) here. Downtown Chic can be purchased from Amazon & Chapters.