A big thankyou to Rachel over at Little Bits of Lovely for nominating me for the stylish blogger award!

 For those of you that don't know, when you are nominated you share 7 things about yourself and then pass the award on to some of your favourite bloggers!

I thought about doing seven sort-of design based things about me, but that's not very fun since you get to read about my design tastes every day so I thought I would do seven completely random things about me that you would never know otherwise haha (In no particular order...)

I love tea. lovelovelovelovelove! But no herbal teas; black tea all the way. Earl Grey, Lady Grey, Orange Pekoe, English Breakfast, and Chai would probably be my top 5, no wait, forgot about Cream Earl Grey, so top 6 then haha And there is some herbal teas I like; there's a coffee shop near where my parents live and it serves this amazing pomegranate and coconut white tea that is lovely in the summer! I even considered taking a course on tea, but one school program is enough at the moment :P

Cream Earl Grey

I am an extremely picky eater. I think I must have an over-sensitive palette or be a 'supertaster' or something. (I'm going to do that test after I finish writing this post haha) Because cucumber has a smell to me, but my mom says it doesn't have one. It definitely has one haha And I also don't like food with different textures, like bread with seeds in it or salsa or chili or wild rice. I prefer my soups blended with no chunks. My mother hates me sometimes haha

I love nailpolish and nailpolish blogs. Other than design blogs, the only other type of blog you'll find in my blogreader are nailpolish blogs. I love hearing about new collections. I probably have around 50-60 bottles, which isn't anything when you look at the collections of the big nail bloggers who have thousands, but is pretty substantial for a regular person I suppose :P

I love books in general, but have a soft spot for Agatha Christie's murder mysteries. I love them! I have copies of something like 1/3 of the books she wrote, and the plan is too hopefully have a copy of every book she wrote! She wrote 80 books according to her Wikipedia page, so I've got a bit to go :P

Agatha Christie

I have one brother and a sister-from-another-mister-also-known-as-my-BFF. I honestly think my brother is one of the funniest people I know and I'm super jealous of his funny-ness because I didn't get the funny gene. His comebacks are so quick and so clever and he has the best one-liners. I've told him many many times to become a stand-up comedian. My BFF is my other half. She is everything that I am not and I am everything that she is not; we are literally like two halves of a puzzle that fit together perfectly. Our friendship makes no sense some days, but I am so glad to have met her and have her in my life :) (I've just spent like half an hour going through photos of us, so now you get my top 3 favourite photos of us in the past year haha)
At a Christmas party last month.
That's me on the left.

At camp last summer.
On the left again haha
At the ROM last March.
Switching it up on the right :P

I love the UK. I visited a couple summers ago with my BFF and her mom and brother (they're originally from over there) and fell in love! The scenery, the food, the people (and the accents haha) - I love everything! Okay, except maybe the damp-ness, but that's the only fault I can think of. I love UK design style; some of my favourite homes from magazines are UK based. I hope to travel there more and maybe live there someday :)

I really like to paint! I prefer acrylics, but I'm taking a set design class where we have to use watercolours and I'm looking forward to trying them out; I love the look of watercolour. I had an Etsy shop where I had some of my work listed, but it failed for more than one reason. Hopefully this summer I can get my act together and actually sell some of my work :)

I dislike the number seven, so I'm going to do eight :) Eight is my favourite number because when I was in elementary school, my textbooks were always number 8 because of where I fell alphabetically. Also because when you turn it sideways it's infinity, which is kinda cool. And when I write it, I draw two circles, which is like a mini-snowman haha

Well, now you all know my little crazy bits haha Hope you still enjoy reading my blog and I will be back tomorrow with a colour-by-room post!

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Hope you're all having a lovely week!


ps...still not entirely sure how I feel about posting pictures of myself online, but I know a lot of bloggers do...any thoughts or advice on this??