Ballet Inspired & A Question


Lately I've been loving soft neutral colours, especially on my nails. I'm currently wearing Parlez-vous OPI by OPI and I love it! So I thought I would dedicate a little post to some gorgeous, soft, inspirations :)

And now for my question! I'm not super happy with the layout in my room right now. The first photo is what it was a little while ago, and the second photo is what it currently looks like.  (Click on images to enlarge them.)

Light blue = bed
Green = desk
Purple = separate desk shelf unit thing
Pink = bookshelf
Dark blue = dresser
Orange = table being used as nightstand
Yellow = nightstand

                                                                      one                                                                         two
These next 6 are some possibilities.  The weird thing on the right wall is from the chimney. It sticks out about 3 inches into my room. The other three walls have my closet door, my room door, and a window. So there's something on every wall that makes for an awkward layout.

                                                                     three                                                                        four
                                                                      five                                                                          six
                                                                   seven                                                                    eight

And finally, this is the layout that I think I'm leaning towards. I think. The nightstands got bumped just before I took the photo, so they wouldn't be so far away in real life haha And I do have a chair for my desk, I just didn't bother to measure it since it goes wherever the desk goes.

Thoughts? Favourites? Any other ideas?

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!