Colour-by-Room: Navy Blue & Coral Too

I guess I've had bedrooms on the brain lately; as soon as I saw this room I knew I had to break down it's palette. (And I promise I didn't intentionally turn this week into a bedroom week haha)

I also didn't realize until I'd saved the image and was ready to upload it that it kind of resembles the colour palette I'm working with for my bedroom at home. The blues are a little lighter and the greys are a little darker in my room, but it's very similar.

I've picked 5 items that I thought worked within this colour scheme, and I have to say that this print is probably my favourite. I love that it includes all of the colours (and it has some flowers, which I can never seem to resist...)

I was looking for a white based lamp, but then I found this and thought it kinda worked.
 There isn't necessarily a Moroccan theme to the room, but the footstool in the corner sort of seemed a little Moroccan so I thought it'd be neat to include one of these:
Graham & Green
I've always loved these linen cabinets from IKEA. It used to come in yellow and I adored it in yellow, but the red's pretty fun too :)
And of course, I included a pillow :)
Hope you enjoyed!


{top image from MWM}