Dreaming of Turquoise & Green

Good morning! Today is the launch of a (hopefully exciting!!) new series here on my blog :D

I discovered the awesome-ness that are mood-boards after creating one for an upcoming guest post, and I fell in love with putting them together! I tend to find one inspirational item, and then design the room around this item.

For this week's post, I drew my palette from this gorgeous settee. Paired with a turquoise chair, neutral brown and grey accents and a gorgeous pop of green, this room would be a perfect casual living space :)

1. Urban Outfitters Madeline Chair, 2. JH&G Antique Tufted Settee, 3. IKEA Barometer Floor Lamp, 4. West Elm Tufted Essex Bench, 5. IKEA Vejen Rug, 6. Urban Outfitters Iron Strap Side Table, 7. Anthropologie Traveler Coffee Table, 8. Urban Outfitters Pintuck Velvet Pillow in Lime, 9. Urban Outfitters Sequin Swirl Pillow, 10. Anthropologie Batik Pillow

I have several week's worth of posts all ready to go for this series haha It's so much fun!! (And a great distraction from homework :D)

I hope you guys will enjoy this new series! If you have any thoughts or ideas, do let me know! Next week I have a fab dining room to show you :)

Hope you all have a lovely day!


p.s. I've been trying to think of what to call this series for days now...any ideas??