A Good Start

Remember this post from a few weeks ago? I think I've settled on the IKEA bedframe. Mainly for price. But I was still debating on duvet covers. I have a double duvet cover that I bought in Winners; it's a graphic floral in grey and white. And I have still have a duvet from my old twin bed, which I now use on my new bed at the foot because the house is 100 years old and gets super cold in the winter.

Anyways, I've been looking on and off for a cover for it. Debating a solid colour, or a textured white, or something else entirely. I couldn't decide, that is, until I found this duvet cover at West Elm.


I'll take a picture of my home duvet when I go home this weekend so you can all see, but I think it would be perfect! The only thing I don't like is the stripes would be going the other way since I'd be putting it on a twin duvet and it lies width-wise across my bed. (Did that make sense? I feel like I haven't been making sense lately...)
West Elm
But I still LURVE it! (If you've seen the Star Trek movie gag reel, that will make more sense hahaha)

So. Here's the sort of colour scheme that I've been liking lately for my room. Two of the walls (we just won't talk about the mistake that is the other two walls...they're getting repainted this summer) are Lazy Sunday by Benjamin Moore. My bedding is grey and white. All of my furniture (desk, dresser, bookshelf) and trim (1 foot high baseboards and big, old doors) are white. And my carpet is just like a light sandy beige basic colour.

I love the idea of throwing some navy and dark grey (with the bed frame) in there. And then I kind of like the turquoise. Maybe not that exact shade, but I have this really cute bowl in my kitchen here at school and that's the sort of colour I was thinking of and this was as close as I could get from just viewing the colours online.

Maybe it's just the particular shade of turquoise that I chose, but I'm not really loving it here. I love the navy, but I'll have to keep trying with the turquoise. Any other suggestions for a fun colour to throw in the mix? I've thought of purple...might have to look into that more. Or pink? It is the colour of the year after all :)

I think I'll start a "Home Tuesdays" series and share thoughts and inspirations and questions for my own spaces. Because you know this is not the end of the bedroom discussion haha So check back next Tuesday for photos of my room at home and share your thoughts!!

Happy Tuesday!!


ps...sorry for the amount of run-on sentences in this post. Usually my grammar is a little better, but it's coming up to midterms soon and my brain is emptying out of it's usual knowledge for facts on circuits and coding and history... :S

{color chips from Benjamin Moore and the title of this post is from a song by Maria Taylor}