Guest Post: Pretty Picnic

Morning everyone! Today is the first day in a week-long series of posts from a few of my favourite bloggers!

Here in Canada, February is not the most fun month. For me, winter is fun until Christmas, and then it just needs to go haha So I thought it'd be nice to have some pretty inspirations to remind us that spring is coming!

Today I have Shari from Little Blue Deer! Shari has always been so sweet and kind to me, and her blog is pretty fabulous. She also designs custom blogs, which is kinda awesome!


Hi there!  It's Shari from Little Blue Deer here, delighted to be guest posting at one of my favorite new blogs, Gallery Eight!  Brittany has a fabulous eye and I know she has a bright blogging future!  She did not have to ask me twice to talk about summertime, I do live in Savannah, but trust me, it gets cold here, too!  So, I was so happy to bring out some of my favorite summer images!  I adore the idea of bringing the outdoors in, be in a bouquet of fresh flowers drying in the sink, or a gorgeous greenhouse!  Also, while I don't like ants or bugs (in fact, I  hate ants and bugs, with a passion!), I do like the idea of dining alfresco!  I need one of those companies that makes you a super-fancy picnic and sets it all up for you!  And then someone to stand there and fan away all of the pests!  I hope these gorgeous images bring a little bit of warmth your way, and spring arrives here in Savannah around the end of February, so feel free to drop by and visit! 


How gorgeous are those images?? And I'm totally with you on the bugs haha
Thankyou so much Shari!
If you haven't already, be sure to stop by and say hello at Little Blue Deer!

And I hope you all have a very happy Valentine's day :)