Guest Post: A Trailer Park Adventure

Today I have Anne-Marie from 10 Rooms! Her blog is full of great inspiration and gorgeous colours! And she always has some fabulous round-ups of lovely items!


Hello everyone, Anne-Marie from 10 Rooms here.
Thank you Brittany for asking me to guest post at Gallery No. 8 today.
I think this hip little corner of the blog world is going to become a well read spot -
Brittany always has fun, fresh posts and a great eye for design.
I really love your Colour-By-Room posts - no surprise there!

 If you've ever read my blog you may know that I'm a little bit gypsy..
before settling down with a family I travelled a lot, and five-star hotels were never in the budget.
I've found it usually makes for greater adventure, and the people you meet are colorful, to say the least!
This is the place I am currently pining to visit, although D., who does prefer five star hotels, will probably never agree to it :)
Liz Lambert, an Austin-based hotelier, created  El Cosmico - "a Trans-Pecos kibbutz for the 21st century".
It's all about manana, and if you don't know what that is, you probably need to go!

Vintage Trailers, fully renovated - be still my beating heart!

You know it's going to be one-of-a-kind when there is an annual festival of music and love :)

Can't get that kind of experience at the Hilton, can you?!

Thanks again, Brittany, for asking me to share a getaway. 
Looking forward to your guest post about your favourite color coming up on 10 Rooms!
x Anne-Marie

Love it! Thanks so much for sharing Anne-Marie! And I already have my colour picked out haha

Hope you all have a lovely day :)