My Weekend Getaway

Morning! Hope everything is well where you are :)

Hope everyone enjoyed the weeklong guest post series; I loved seeing everyone's winter getaways :) (And it worked out splendidly for me with midterms and assignments this past week.)

Today I just wanted to share a little getaway of my own and say thankyou to my new friends & followers. I know I've been pretty terrible at responding to comments lately, but know that I appreciate every one :)

If you know anyone in university here in Southern Ontario, then you will know that we are all on reading week for the next week :D A much needed break this time of year haha I am home with my family for a week, so I just thought I would share my plans with you.

First order of business, get a roaring fire going. Our fireplace is not quite this pretty, but it does the job :)

Second, find the comfy chair :) (Most likely whichever one the cat is sleeping on haha)

Third, a cup of tea and a book. (And glasses for those of us who need them :) )

Finally, a cozy blanket (or two!) to keep out those winter drafts.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend :)