Odd Kitty

One of favourite things about coming home is seeing my kitty :) She's kind of old and a little fat, but she is always so. warm. from lying on the heating vents. So I decided to dedicate this Etsy collection of odd kitties to my cat, known as Fatty Chanel or Miss Mew, but it's usually just Kitty haha

Belly Smackin Good

Pirate Kitty
Cat Math
Caterpiller with Pipe
My kitty :)

There's my kitty :) She is mostly my mom's cat because I haven't lived at home permanently for a couple of years (and my mom is the one that feeds her her breakfast in the morning), but she still loves me when I come home haha

Who else has a cat? Dog? Bird? Hamsters? (we had many many hamsters growing up...)

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend!