Rainbow Reading

I love a well styled bookshelf. Especially when it's filled with beautiful books to read :)

When I first saw the image below, I knew I had to arrange my bookshelves like this!

Below are more detailed photos of my shelves. (You can enlarge them to see full size) There are some random things on there that just needed a temporary home, and the blacked out things on the bottom shelves are photos of my groups from my many years at camp :) I'm ok with putting photos of myself up (see top shelf to see baby Brittany haha) but I figured it would be best since some of the photos have young campers in them.

There are little things on there that I'm pretty sure I've had since I was born haha They've always been displayed in my room, so I thought it'd be cute to put them on my bookshelf, in their colour area of course :)

Do you have a favourite way to display your books?


{1, 2, 3, 4. Last 3 taken by me. Please ask before you use. Thanks!}