Colour-by-Room: Manly Man


Today is my (not-so)little brother's birthday! He's turning 18! (I feel old and I'm only 20. Seems like he started highschool, like, yesterday and now he's looking at universities!) And it's kinda scary to think that he can vote. Although I did think it was scary when he was old enough to drive, but he is actually a really good driver now. So you know, he's not as dumb as he sometimes seems to me haha Pretty sure stupidity is standard little bro behaviour though haha

So today's Colour-by-Room is for the men. Deep colours, industrial feel, manly fabrics. And no pink haha

Here's some pieces to get your manly-man room started :)

Crazy chair from Anthropologie that I can see fitting into a guy's room SO perfectly, non?
Winifred Color-Block Chair, Houndstooth
Sexy, worn leather couch is kind of a must in a manly room to me.
Cotswolds Sofa
And a really cool industrial table that makes it very clear this is a no-frilly-lace-pink-sparkle zone haha
Rotunda Coffee Table
To finish off, a deep blue-y grey shade.
Sarah Richardson for Para Paints in Thunderstorm

Any manly-man rooms out there? Is pink allowed? haha

And just to confuse everyone (myself included haha) I changed my Twitter name to GalleryNoEight! You can now find me here: :D

Hope you all have a lovely day!


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