Design-by-Room: Lavender in London

Thankyou for all the lovely responses to my post yesterday!! I'm glad you're all excited for this week's series:D

Today's post is based around one of my favourite UK stores! It's always featured in The English Home that I read whenever I go to my grandma's, and they have some of the most lovely things!
And So To Bed is the home of exclusive, luxury handmade beds, stunning bedroom furniture, fine bed linens and eclectic accessories.
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to put all the images together in Photoshop, it's been a crazy few days with school wrapping up in a few weeks so bear with me :)

I first decided on this upholstered bed frame in a gorgeous deep charcoal.

Then I paired it with this nightstand and dresser.

Threw in a stunning silver wardrobe just for fun :)

And this lamp for nighttime reading,

To finish off the room I ventured to some other awesome British stores, the Keep Calm Gallery and the ever-so-awesome Marks & Spencer. I figured the room wouldn't be very British without a Keep Calm Print :)

Keep Calm Gallery
And I continued with some purple accents in the bedding a a little loveseat.
I hope you enjoyed my bedroom inspiration today :) I think it would be rather lovely to live in the UK and furnish my home over there, they have such lovely things!

Hope you have a lovely day!