Design-by-Room: Persimmon Dining

 Good morning! Yesterday's post was a little later in the day, so be sure to check it out if you missed it :)

Today I have some dining room inspiration for you, courtesy of this Thomas Paul Rug!

First, the dining table area. Simple table and chairs, sort of all in the same colour scheme, even though the materials are different. I imagine the fabric as a cushion for the bench. I would set the table with beautiful red and ivory and pink accents, since the room already has so much browns and taupes in it. One of the bonuses of keeping the main furniture more neutral and having a colourful rug and accessories is that it becomes very easy to change up the look of the room without buying all new stuff. Switch up the carpet, drapes and table setting and the room can transform into almost any colour scheme you want!

(For some reason the photos look really blurry in this post, but they're fine if you enlarge them. Very strange...)

There's a wide range of paint colours on there because it's so hard to decide on one when you don't know the actual space, and computer monitors always change everything. So there's a selection :)

This next space I imagine to be just off to the side, maybe in front of a window? Or if you have a small living room perhaps? Pulling lots of pretty pinks and ivories to contrast the rich browns of the first space. And it's a pink velvet chaise, need I say more?

Any thoughts on these spaces? Anything you'd add or take away? I always love to see what everybody thinks :)

Hope you have a lovely day!