Design-by-Room: Silver Grey

Good morning!!

Today is a special edition of Design by Room, as this is the plan for my bedroom! I know I've showed my plans before, but this a complete overhaul and I am so ridiculously happy with this plan!

1. Twilight Blue, 2. Edinburgh Windows, 3. The Royal Mile, 4. SEVEN, 5. bookcase idea, 6. IKEA Edland bedframe, 7. IKEA Byholma chest, 7. IKEA Virserum frame, 8. IKEA Ribba frame, 9. silver leaf lamp idea, 10. Farrow & Ball in Lamp Room Gray, Manor House Gray, French Gray & Savage Ground.

Okay, so. Artwork. 1-3 I've had open in tabs for over a week now. WANT. Perfect for my colour scheme and I adore them! I already have a frame for 1, and 2&3 will go in either white or aluminum frames. But I'm thinking white, because I might have another piece that would look ah-mazing in an aluminum frame. 4 is sold out, so I'm going to paint some sort of version myself :D

I want that bedframe. And I'm going to put curtains on it and make it pretty and comfy and oh-so-fabulous :D

I'm undecided about the chest. I love it and the colour and I have a spot for it in my mental floorplan, but ...? Not sure. Thoughts?

My bookcase is currently colour-coordinated, but I'm thinking of turning all the books around so the pages face out instead of the spine. Good or bad idea?

For lamps, my mom has these old dated (mint-green) lamps that are getting some silver leaf and new shades. And I also have a ceiling light/fan that is staying. (old house + bad windows/insulation + hot, humid summers = ugly fan is necessary)

And I also might be getting the new For Like Ever print. Because it's in grey!!! So friggin' awesome. My only problem is a frame. It needs a 24x36" (or 60x90cm) frame. And IKEA doesn't have any that size. Any thoughts on where to find one? It's standard poster size I believe.

All of my current bedroom furniture, which includes dresser, desk, bookcase, and a weird desk-shelf-add-on-thing is white. And I also have a gallery wall of old vintage frames in white.

For paint colour, my carpet is similar to Savage Ground, and I'm liking Lamp Room Gray & Manor House Gray. French Gray is leaning too green for my liking. I don't want the grey to be too dark, but I also want it to be different enough from the white trim in the room. I have 2 massive doors, a massive window, and 1' high baseboards around the entire room. Any colour suggestions?

Okay, I think that was everything. Any thoughts, suggestions, or comments are very welcome!!

I'm kinda super excited to get started on this when school is done! 4 more weeks to go :D

OH! And before I forget, be sure to check me out on twitter!! It's brand new and I'm kinda excited :)