Love From Sweden


From the moment I first laid eyes on this image many months ago, I fell in love. With the feel, the furniture, the decor, the colours, all of it. And it's IKEA. Which is probably my favourite store. ( I love assembling the furniture :D )

 I've pulled as many of the pieces as I could find below, hopefully some of them will be making their way to my room sometime soon :)

Edland Bedframe
Lill Curtains
Hemnes Cabinet
Alvine Kvist
Birgit Stra Bedspread
Barometer Lamp
Jonsbo Barby Lamp
Byholma Chest
Ektorp Jennylund Chair
Alvine Ror Cushion Cover

I would probably choose a different chair and pillows for my space, although they do look good in the photo.

And just in case you were wondering, everything above can be purchased for a total of $1287.94 CAD (plus the applicable taxes depending on where you live). The big items were the bedframe ($349), the cabinet ($399), and the chair ($229), which alone cost $977 (for those of us who can't add big numbers in our head haha.)

Any favourites?? I adore the Barometer lamps, and the wicker chest and knit bedspread are fab!

Hope you're having a lovely week!!