Bird Chirping Weather

Good morning :)

Today's Etsy collection was inspired by the beautiful shades of these adorable little vases. Perfect for spring, non? We had such a tease of spring last week and then it got cold again. Grr winter.

I stole the title from one of the pieces below :) I love waking up in the summer when the windows are open and hearing the birds chirping! Bird chirping weather is definitely my favourite :)

Modern Stripe Bottle Vase
Table Lamp
Bird Chirping Weather
Knob - Numbers
They Always Say
Mountain Poster

Last night I got to spend time with some of my family and friends - such a nice break from all the homework and projects I've been working on! Only another week and half left to go before I am done though :D One exam and one critique. So. Close. I can smell the freedom haha

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)