Design-by-Room: Refined Rustic

Good morning!

I saw those words "refined & rustic" on blogland earlier this week, and I thought that they sort of summed up my design style pretty well. One part rustic vintage + one part refined pretty + one part country classic + however I'm feeling that day haha

I found these tumblers and decided to create a little refined/rustic bar vignette around them.

I really like the mix of the dark table and crate underneath with the pretty gold and pink pieces on top. All set in front of that gorgeous wallpaper. I kind of like the idea of a floor lamp beside the console in a dark wood, with maybe an off-white shade on it? But one that would lean over the table, not just stand straight beside it, if you know what I'm talking about haha

I think it's Urban Outfitters that has a gorgeous pale pink velvet chaise. Can you picture the photo shoot?

Pink chaise. Model in an off white flowy dress with a gold spotted tumbler in hand. Bar area off to the side. Dark rustic wood floors. Soft walls and big open windows with flowy curtains in background. Oui?

Hope you all have a lovely day :)