Exam Time

Dear Exams,

How do you do this every time? I always plan on being so prepared for you and you just suddenly appear out of nowhere. I started the semester last week and all of a sudden it's finished. Where did those 3.5 months go?

I hope that the people who are not writing exams will have some extra fun to make up for those of us who can't. And maybe post about it? So I can pretend I am not stuck in my apartment studying. Boo.

I would also like to apologize for not commenting and replying as much as I usually like to. Exams, I blame you. But you will be done in a week and then life can get back to normal :)

So, Exams, let's do this.


ps, I will be back tomorrow with regularly scheduled programming :) Exams can't keep me away from blogland for that long haha

{photos from here and here}