Old, New, Borrowed & Blue

Good morning!

Quick note, this post is going to be photo heavy. I tried to cut some out, but I just couldn't. So many beautiful beautiful images. So sorry (but not really because we get to look at all the lovely photos again :D)

Watching William & Kate's wedding kinda got me thinking about my own someday and I thought it would be neat to share the few ideas I came up with. These will very likely change many times over before I do walk down the aisle, but it's fun to search around :)

Going with the theme of something old, something new, something borrowed & something blue, this is what I came up with.

Beautiful old pearls from my grandma

Fabulous new shoes to wear :)
Borrow my mom's veil

And paint my nails a fabulous shade of blue! (For Audrey by China Glaze)

And just because I cannot stop admiring them, more beautiful images from the Royal Wedding :)

And did you see Kate & Pippa's dresses for the evening event?? Gorgeous!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!