On y va!

Let's go on a holiday.

Pack up the car.

Drive down the long and winding road.

Stop for a picnic along the way.

We're here!

Plenty of bunkies for friends & family to stay.

We'll unpack later.

For now, we'll just sit on the porch.

Maybe have a snack out back.

And then sit in the Adirondacks.

Maybe we'll go down to the beach.

Go for swim.

Or maybe a canoe ride.

Tired, we go inside for a siesta.

After our rest, we go for a wander and pick some wildflowers for the dinner table.

We find chairs from everywhere to fit everyone around the table.

After dinner, it's time to relax.

We play some board games, tell some stories, have a laugh.

In the evening, we find a book and curl up.

Maybe even fall asleep reading it, leaving it atop our still packed suitcases.

We'll worry about those tomorrow.