Colour-by-Room: Turquoise & Green

Good morning!

Most of the Colour-by-Room's that I've done have been of interior rooms, so I really enjoyed last week's adventure outdoors! I thought this week I'd do something a little different :)

This fantastic little vignette of green & turquoise vases caught my attention right away and I thought it would be so fun to recreate!

 From IKEA, 1. Somrig, 2. Blommig, 3. Solstrale

From Z Gallerie, 1. Sienna Vase, 2. Verde Vase, 3. Lithe Vases, 4. Cutler Vase

I think that's a pretty good start to the collection, non? Antiques shows would be a great place to find more.

Hope you're all having a fantastic week!


{top image from Apartment Therapy via Pinterest}