Desk Dreaming

Good morning!

My mom got back from a 4 day bus trip to New York City last night. She didn't do a ton of shopping in NYC (she did way more at the outlet mall coming home haha) but she did bring me home a few things: a cupcake icing knife, four mini bowls, and three memo clips (the purple, green & blue). She knows me too well :)

I wouldn't have minded this desk, but that's a little awkward to bring home on the bus :P

Why a desk you ask? Because I don't have one. So I am currently typing from my bed, dreaming of a fab workspace. We always seem to want what we don't have. Sigh.

Throw an iMac into the pile of things I want but do not have (yet) too. So pretty. And 27 inches of pure amazing screen. Instead of my macBook's piddly 13".

See? Those people all have the right idea. iMac's.

I would happily live with my macBook if I had the desk above. Those green shutters just KILL me. Ugh. So ridiculously gorgeous.

Or I could just have no computer. But I don't think I'd last very long haha

And the daydreaming continues.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend!


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