Good morning!!

Yesterday I spent the whole afternoon with one of my best friends that I haven't seen in over a month. We went to one of my favourite cafes for lunch, took a walk, swung on some swings, had some tea, and watched some TLC haha It was so fun and the weather was so nice! My legs even got a little tiny tan! (Although that might just be the fake tan I've been using....)


Anyways, the lovely Alexa & Kirby over at The Short & Sweet Of It gave me the Versatile Blogger Award so I thought I would do that today! The rules are that you have to share 7 things and then pass it along to 7 other bloggers!

1.  I am a Mac. I currently have a MacBook, but I would love an iMac!


2. I am a Christian. I don't tend to go to church when I'm at school because I haven't found one that I like, but when I'm home, it's church on Sunday mornings with the famjam. And just between us, I do sometimes miss a Sunday here & there...
3.  I want a porch. A nice big one with room for a dining table at one end and seating and swings on another.

4. I heart books.


5. I feel like Paris would be my city. But I've never been, so I can't confirm that statement yet. I'll let you know when I go :)


6. I miss Art History class. It was so neat to learn all about that world and all those famous paintings.


7. I am so glad I started blogging! I have met so many amazing people and discovered so many things that you can't find anywhere else! It has been exciting and awesome and fantastic experience! Can't wait to see where it'll go from here :D And now I can't look back and say "Man, I wish I had started blogging".


And now to pass it along,
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And to all of my fabulous readers who would like to do this!!

Hope you all have a lovely day!