Blog Crawl Update!

Good afternoon!

I had a nice lazy-ish morning with my mama today, so that's why today's post is a little later :)

Just wanted to do a quick update on the fabulous summer blog crawl!

So far, this is what the schedule looks like. I did it in order of sign up, so if you're assigned to a day that doesn't work for you, or if you would like another day, just let me know! Also, if I've linked to the wrong blog or anything, let me know (and I do apologize if I have!).

If you thought you signed up, but don't see your name here,  or see your name here and you didn't sign up, I do apologize, just let me know and I'll fix it right away!

July 1 - Gallery No. Eight

July 2 - Inspire Me Heather

July 3 - Chloe Lees

July 4 - 10 Rooms

July 5 - Brittany Kuhn

July 6 - Haus Design

July 7 - Hodge:Podge

July 8 - A Delightful Design

July 9 - Nutmeg & Company

And I realized after I posted last week that I didn't really explain what a blog crawl was. Failwhale. So here goes: Blog crawls can work in different ways, but for this one, every day for the month of July is assigned to a different person. On their assigned day, each person posts about the assigned topic (summer!). They also link to the person that posted the day before them and the person that is posting the day after them. Hopefully that makes sense (sometimes my brain doesn't like to work).

That's it for today! If you haven't yet signed up, but would like to, feel absolutely free! If the comments aren't working, my email is on the contact page.

I shall leave you with some summer inspiration to get your brain thinking :)

Hope you have a lovely weekend!