Colour-by-Room: Light as a Feather

Good morning!

Everyone needs a calm & collected party time on occasion, whether you've had a busy week, or your team just lost the Stanley Cup. Whatever the reason, this room seems like the perfect room for a party :)

If my sources are correct, then everything in that room is IKEA! Yup. They're kinda awesome. And, I even found it all for you :) Everything you need for a fabulous party!
LYCKHEM Dining Table


PS MASKROS Pendant Lamp

Sarah Richardson for Para Paints in Shortbread

I kind of really like the idea of all white furniture, and then bring colour in through accessories and paint. It allows you to change the feel of a space very easily. Which is good if you have design ADD like me and want to change everything every week haha

Hope you're all having a lovely week!


{top image via Pinterest}