Design-by-Room: Tight & Bright

Good morning!

I had zero ideas for today's post, so I went looking for a fabulous rug. Sometimes it's a rug, sometimes it's a duvet, sometimes a sofa, but it's always fabulous. And then I design a room around it! Today's room I imagine in a smaller space, an apartment maybe, or a small condo. Tight on space, bright in colour, just the right mix :)

When I chose this rug, I knew I wanted to create a fun room. Lots of pink and orange. But the right pink was harder to find than one might think, so I decided on a little yellow as well.

The sofa and the floor lamp both have really clean straight lines, whereas the chair and side table have some curves. I also kept the sofa neutral so it could be moved to another design easily. But I had to have the orange chair!

To keep sightlines free-r, I chose a clear coffee table, which if you tilt your screen right, you can see just between the rug and fringy yellow pillow. I also wanted the rug to be the main pattern in the room, so the clear table allows you to see it a lot more than a traditional coffee table would.

I imagine the pink pillow and the throw on the couch, with maybe one of the yellow pillows. And the other yellow pillow (or both perhaps) on the orange chair.

Love? Hate? Wanna move right in?

Hope you're having a lovely week :)