Feature Friday: A' La Mode

Good morning!!

Today I'm featuring one of my favourite new finds, A' La Mode! Shelli is so lovely and her home is just gorgeous! You'll find posts on travel, fashion, home decor, design tips and her adorable daughter!

When I first saw Shelli's office, I knew we'd get along just fine :)

Yah. That's her office. My jaw dropped too. Here's a kleenex in case you drooled a little. Might want to grab another because we have the rest of the house to tour!

Yep. I can't even pick a favourite room because they're all so lovely! Here's a link to Shelli's blog again so you don't have to scroll back up haha (I went a little picture crazy I know) Make sure to check it out if you want to know all the fab details of her home :)

And I hope you all have a lovely lovely weekend!