Good evening!!

There's something I rather like about posting in the evenings...a nice little way to finish the day :)

One of the lessons we were trying to teach at camp last week was that we are all given different talents and abilities from God, and that we were all made for a specific purpose, reflected in the talents we were given. And let's be honest, at 12 or 13, all you want to do is be like everybody else. And then you hit 19 or 20 and no longer care. Sigh. They'll all learn one day haha

But anyways! The reason I'm sharing this is because I found this quote. And it is so genius and perfect. I really wish I had understood this when I was younger, but I feel like no one really does (or can) at 12 or 13.


Hindsight is always 20/20.

But what I know about myself now is that design is my skill. Curating and creating beautiful things is what I love to do. And I like to think that I'm kinda good at it haha

So yeah. Even though you're not my campers, I still want to tell you that you guys are the best. And you all have some serious design skillz. With a z. Haha :D

Hope you all have had a lovely day :)