It's Here

Good evening friends!

Today is the kick-off of my Summer Blog Crawl!! Very exciting stuff :) (And there is still a few empty slots if you're still interested!!) Tomorrow it's Heather's turn over at Inspire Me Heather!

I debated for a long time what summer memory I would post about, and it always seemed to come back to the same place.


It's where I spend my summer.

It's where I learned to sleep without a nightlight.

It's where I get all those pesky mosquito bites.

It's where I go to escape.

It's where I've stayed up until the sun came up. 

It's where I discovered my 'mom' voice.

It's where I first wore those fantastic little things called flip flops.

(It's where my feet are never fully clean.)

It's where I decorate the dining hall for theme nights.

It's where I play mud soccer until the thunder comes.

It's where I created some of my best memories.

It's where I met my best friend.

This will be my 10th year going, my 6th as a counselor, and it just keeps getting better!

July 10th can't come soon enough :)