Friday Favourites: First Edition

Goood morning!!

I have decided that Friday's are now Friday Favourites Day. A place to share my favourite posts of the week from my fellow blogging friends :) Feature Friday's will be no more, but don't you worry. I have something very special coming up in September :D

So! My first favourite post of the week was Christine's post on vintage china over at Bijou & Boheme!  Both my grandma's have rather large collections and I love looking through them and finding my favourite pieces. It's so neat to hear the story behind each piece as you sip your tea :)

via Christine's pinterest. She covered my home page on Pinterest with all her pretty china pictures:)

My next favourite post might technically be from last week, but I wasn't doing this last week so it doesn't count haha Rachel over at Little Bits of Lovely always has the most lovely photos, and this kitchen was no exception!

Next up is master bedroom design board by the lovely Shelli over at a la mode! I just adore the colours and textures she used to create this space. It's so elegant and lovely, but not too feminine or frilly.

I'm just going to let the photos speak on this next one haha Elle from Switcheroom did such a fabulous job styling this massive shelving thing. It's perfect!

Elle posted a ton more photos too, so go check them out!

And finally, Kerry from First Time Fancy did a post on designer Jarlath Mellett that is just gorgeous! I could only pick one photo for this post, but you really should go check it out because his work is so good!

And that is all for my favourite posts this week :)

But before I go, I do have a question for all of you. Does anyone know where to find Krylon Looking Glass Paint here in Canada? I saw it on the Nate Show yesterday and have the PERFECT project for it, but when I went to the hardware stores around here yesterday, no one had it. Very strange. Is it new and only in the States still? Or does it maybe go by something different here in Canada? If you have  any insight on this, please do let me know! :)

I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a lovely weekend!