Modern Global, Wood Tones & the New Neutrals

Good afternoon!

To wrap up this week's topic of Fall Trends, I thought I would share my take on Style at Home's three trends!

First up is wood. In every shade. It's warm, cozy, and gives so much texture to a space. Verdict: This trend is perfect for fall!

Next is the new neutrals. Sagey-greys, lilacs, and greige (grey/beige) are pretty huge right now. Verdict: Adore this trend!! New neutrals is definitely my favourite :)

Finally, we have modern global. I love the layered, eclectic feel of this trend, but it's just not something I would ever do in my own home. Verdict: Great for some, but it's not for me.

Overall, I think Style at Home got the top trends for fall spot on, even if they're not all my taste. Do you agree with these trends? Have any of them made their way into your home?

And happy first day of fall!!!