Art Pour Moi, La Deuxième Partie

Good afternoon!

As I ponder the final piece of art to buy for my room, I thought I would share all the art that has been considered. I'm leaning to something Paris-y, with maybe a bit of pink in it. Soft pink though, not a bold pink. I think pink would look really good in the grey frame I have.

Silence & Noise by Leigh Viner
Paris is a Feeling by Irene Suchocki
Edinburgh Windows by Nina Moscrip
Chanel No. 5 by Christina Skrovanek
Windows of Paris by Jolly
The Suspension of Physics Necessary for All Athletic Endeavors by Colin Blakely
Live What You Love in Sweet Pink on MadeByGirl
Love Candy Gold on MadeByGirl

Any favourites? I know which one I'm leaning toward :)

Hope your week is going well!