Art Pour Moi

Good evening!

I've been re-doing my bedroom at home little by little over the past 6 months or so (school kinda gets in the way) and I think I've finally decided on the artwork for my room. I wanted to share it today and get your thoughts because you guys always have the best ideas :)

So, bit of background. I have two white IKEA Virserum frames, the $14.99 ones. So they fit an 8x10 with a good bit of matting around the edge. I then have two smaller frames, one is 5x7 and a light shade of grey and the other is 4x6 and is a darker grey. They were my brother's Christmas present to me last year :)

For the two 8x10 frames, I was thinking of these 2 prints.

Twilight Blue by Leigh Viner

The Royal Mile by artquirk

I have loved and adored both of these prints for so long. Twilight Blue was one of my first favourites on Etsy over 2 years ago, and when I found the The Royal Mile print last winter, I couldn't stop thinking about it.

For the small light grey 5x7 frame, I thought this photo would be really pretty.

A Parisian Street by Sarah Tucker

And this watercolour for the darker grey 4x6 frame:

Three Keys by reneeanne

I have a thing for keys, and for watercolour, so I thought this was perfect :)

Looking at it now, I don't know if I'm loving the Parisian Street photo. I think it'd be neat to have illustration prints for all 4...what do you think? Any thoughts or suggestions?

I have several other options on my bedroom pinboard, and I have wavered back and forth for months now haha And I totally thought I had it down until I wrote up this post... I'm definitely getting the Leigh Viner, key watecolour and royal mile prints. Fo sho. Just not sure about the paris one...

Hope your week is going well!!