Little Birches

Good evening friends!

I had a fabulous weekend. Even with the cold and rain, nothing beats days spent with nothing but close friends and delicious food. It was just fantastic. Me and my cousin did all the cooking and the boys did the clean-up, just how I like it haha The only recipe we used was for the pancakes, we just winged it with the potato leek soup and apple crisp. Everything was so good! I ate way too much, as per usual at gatherings haha Evenings were spent by the fire playing games and having chats on the comfiest couches. We even braved the cold wind earlier today and went for a canoe & kayak ride. There was a mini fleet of us haha

Class tomorrow morning just doesn't seem so inviting.

However, adventures end and life goes on, so here is today's Etsy collection! All things cottagey :)

Cottage in the Woods
Cottage Pillow
Rusty Farmhouse Doorknob
Copper Birch Leaf Necklace
Miniature Cottage
Handmade Soap - Muskoka Boathouse
Little Birches
Cranberry Heart

I really love that Cottage Pillow, anyone know the name of the fabric?

I hope you all had a lovely weekend! Hopefully you weren't as cold as I was haha