Shades of Grey

Good evening!

Just finished watching the two new episodes of Sarah's House! Really loved what they did in the entry hall with the grey/gold/orange-y colours. Anyone else?? And the grey kitchen was just lovely!

Speaking of grey, I'm making over some old lamps with some paint and new shades, both in shades of grey! A dark steely-metallic grey for the base, and a soft, almost-white grey for the shade. Or at least that's what I'm thinking at the moment. I've also been looking at beige-y shades.

I'm still trying to source the spray paint I want, Krylon's Looking Glass (can't find it here in Canada, but I have a friend going to the States soon so she's going to try and buy me some :D ), so I still have some time to find a shade. What would you put with a dark metallic grey base?

Hope you're having a great week!!