Accept the Quirks

Good evening!

It finally snowed!!! There is a lovely little blanket of white goodness on the ground :) Not much, but just enough to cover the grass and give the bushes their winter coat.

Right now, I love it! Come February, I probably won't as much haha But it's par for the course when you live in Canada. And since I can't change it, might as well learn to like it :)

A thought struck me the other day during a conversation with my mom and grandma.  Someone had asked my mom if we do this every year, and we have. Every year since before I was born. Some years people have been missing, but never more than one or two. And I realized that although our family has it's problems, all families have their issues, and I don't think I'd trade mine for anyone's. I love our little dysfunctions and quirks. They're ours, and I wouldn't change one thing :)

I hope you've had a very happy holiday!