Friday Favourites, Pretty Edition

Good evening!

I am officially done and it feels fabulous! So glad to be home for the holidays :)

Just a quick little Friday Favourites this evening!

The image below is from one of my favourite beauty/fashion blogs, Buy Now Blog Later. Laura did a post on her 'routine rut' of makeup, and I definitely have a makeup 'rut' of late, but I love it and don't plan on changing it anytime soon. Sometimes sticking to what works is the best :) Her blog is just fabulous by the way, a must read if you love beautiful things.

Leigh has been doing some gorgeous 'Mental Getaway' posts. Below is her Paris one, but there is also a Korea post as well. Both beautiful and fabulous!

And Christine did a fabulous sparkly post today for Friday Fancies. Absolutely perfect for this holiday season!

I hope you all have a lovey weekend!