Minty Fresh

Thankyou to those who left their thoughts & prayers after yesterdays post. They are all so very appreciated. My grandpa has not been well for a long time now, but it looks as though his time is close. It is not unexpected, but it is still very sad for us all, especially my grandma, who has taken extraordinary care of him these last few years. If you have a moment to spare, I would be so grateful for any kind thoughts or prayers you could send her way.

Good evening!

Turquoise-blue has been a favourite colour of mine for a long time, and after finding a few of the items below, I knew they would make a fabulous Etsy collection. And it's festive without being obvious, non?

Mint Green Prom Dress
Kit Tea Cat Mug
Mint Green Bag
Mint Green Poppy Pods
French Keys
Mint Green Church
Mint Green Velvet Earrings
Magnolia Tree
I love that Kit Tea Cat Mug, just too cute. And those magnolia flowers are lovely.

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!