Good morning friends!!!

Today is going to be a lovely day :) Why, you may ask? Because it is my birthday!!!

When I lived in residence, my suite-mates decorated my door. I didn't even notice it until I'd been awake for like 20 minutes haha
Yup. It's definitely one of those little things that puts a smile on your face :)
True story. Standing there awkwardly is just so awkward haha And it's not like you can join in the singing. That would just make it more awkward. Any one have any good ideas? Do you just stand there awkwardly too? haha
A little cake for me :)
And lots of cake for you!! Because what kind of birthday girl would I be if I didn't share my cake??
I won't actually being eating any cake today (that'll come tomorrow at my family birthday party thing) but if you were joining us for dinner, I would definitely share my crème brûlée with you :)

And yes, I am turning the big 2-1!! Very exciting stuff :) Don't know entirely what my mom has planned for today, all I know is we're going out for dinner tonight, which we've done every year since my 16th. And I always get my crème brûlée haha I am very excited for that :)

Just wanted to share a massive thankyou to everyone who has made these eleven months of blogging so wonderful! I feel so lucky to have found all of you and this lovely little community :) Your wonderful support and unfailing kindness is enough of a present for me :)

I hope you all have a lovely lovely Saturday and I will talk to you tomorrow!!!