Faux Fur Vest + Blue Clutch

Good evening!

I had a sweet post idea all about fur vests. (Faux of course.) I got one for Christmas and I lurve it. I think I might even wear it to the blogger meetup this weekend!

But then Pinterest was being mean and not letting me find all the fabulous images I wanted to find. Sigh.

At least I did have this picture of the fab Olivia Palermo wearing one :)

And wouldn't that little blue number go STUNNINGLY with some fur? My vest is pretty light in tone. Someone told me it looked like rabbit. But it is 70% acrylic and 30% polyester haha No rabbits were harmed for my vest! Although I can't be sure about Palermo's...

Hope you are having a lovely lovely week!! I know a lot of you are going to IDS on Friday for BlogPodium, which I can't attend because of my silly 9-12 class, but is anyone going on Saturday??