Favourite Art & Artists of 2011

Good evening!!

One of my posts last year in my first week of blogging was on my favourite art. And I had to do a follow up this year to showcase my favourites, some new & some old, but all absolutely beautiful.

First up & no surprise really, is the fantastic Leigh Viner. Her work has been a favourite of mine for over 2 years, and I am SO excited that I now finally own the piece below! My phone's been acting up, but as soon as I figure it out, I'll post a photo of her all pretty in her frame :) SO gorgeous people.

Twilight Blue by Leigh Viner
I discovered the piece below through Christine of Bijou & Boheme who did a feature on Saatchi Online a few months ago. I've never been to Madrid, which is depicted in the painting below, but it looks absolutely beautiful! I love the colours and the style of Paula's work.

Snow Angel by Paula Verona
If you haven't heard of Jen Ramos's Cocoa & Hearts, where have you been? The fabulous blogger behind MadebyGirl opened up her gallery this year and has created some beautiful stuff!

Colors 75 by Jen Ramos
Swalla Studio was an Etsy shop I discovered on my internet trawls, and I just fell in love with this piece below. I love the swirls, the colours, and the softness.

Fall Remembers Spring by Swalla Studio
I think I found Nina Moscrip's work around this time last year, and I love her quirky illustrations just as much now as I did then. Her work is so fun and has so much personality, I just love her stuff!

The Royal Mile by Nina Moscrip
And a few other mentions would have to be Coco Draws & PrintPrint on Etsy. I adore the work in both of these stores, as it's nothing like the work elsewhere on Etsy. And having worked with both of these ladies, I must say they are both so kind & fabulous :)

Is there a favourite place you go to for beautiful art? Or a favourite artist you may have? Do share!